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Bead-Weaving ...

An amazing art of creating unique

Trinkets and Treasures!

"Join me through this wonderful world of


Visions of the Beading World

When you go on any Journey, you eventually arrive at your ​destination....,

 the place you ultimately want to be!

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The same applies in the Journey thro' the Beading World.

You start off with your basics , needle and thread , and thro' the travels you add various other elements, assorted beads and findings . 

You put all this together with your Knowledge , Creativity and enthusiasm, and then VIOLA....

you arrive at your final destination,

Your Perfect Creation!

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In this Page, Visions of the Beading World, I will be adding on a continued basis. Please visit often , and see what other inspiring Destinations I have added!

I do not have a store as such, but am quite happy to do commissions on anything that "whisks you away"...

All that is needed is a Click of the Button , and send me your request..